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Couples Shower

Stag Night

Hen Night

Rehearsal Dinner


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photo courtesy K Jansing Photography


The Bride


  The Bride's Recap:

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Wedding Rings

Proposal / Xmas 2004

While Amber received her ring at the proposal, a ring for Justin had to be decided upon.  An opportunity arose speaking with her grandmother during the Holidays to have Justin wear her grandfathers old ring.  A request full of honor, and accepted.  Though it had to be altered over five ring sizes down to fit Justin!

Wedding Registry

Spring Break 2005

Fun with the gun! What great fun it is to shop and not have to spend any money.  We had a good time creating our registry list and talking about all the gizmos and gadgets we hope to put to good use. We registered with Bed Bath & Beyond and Pampered Chef, both were excellent to deal with and we highly recommend them. (We don't recommend Target, as shown in the photos)

Cake Topper

Summer 2005

For our wedding, we wanted to include family and friends in any way possible.  My grandfather is a very talented and creative wood carver.  Modeling a picture found in a wedding magazine, he re-created the photo to act as the wedding cake topper!  Thereafter, we will display this masterpiece in our home for everyone to see. Thanks Gramps, we love you!

Bride & Groom Dolls

Fall 2005

Who would ever think Barbie doll outfits would come in handy for a wedding reception? Amber's mom is wonderful at sowing and used Barbie doll dress designs to craft original wedding dresses and tuxedos.  These mini outfits were put around picture holders to display photos on each table at the reception.

Chocolate Coins

Fall 2005

No party is complete without dessert, and neither is a wedding reception.  Justin's dad works for a candy factory and provided chocolate coins with personalized messages on the wrapping! The front of each coin, both gold and silver wrappings, displayed "Justin & Amber: January 7th, 2006" and the back said "WHOOP!" as tribute to Texas A&M University. 

Unity Candle

Fall 2005

We both value our families very much and wanted to include their influence and love into our wedding ceremony as much as possible.  The unity candle lighting represents the union of our two families.  The base of the candle has wedding details inscribed as to always remember the event.

Toasting Glasses

Fall 2005

As another creative idea, the bride wanted special glasses to drink from as we locked arms to enjoy the Champaign.  The glasses were inscribed by Things Remembered to include our wedding details.  Bottoms up!

Napkins / Matches

Fall 2005

As a reception souvenir, maroon napkins and match books were provided.  Both had our names, the wedding date, and a single rose printed in white. 


Fall 2005

The garter was made by Amber's mom.  Complete with maroon ribbons and heart shapes trailing around it, looked beautiful.  The garter toss at the reception worked out in favor of Junior-Groomsmen Christopher as he caught it red handed. (Right) Picture with garter/bouquet toss catchers, both members of the bridal party!


Fall 2005

The boutonnieres were also made by the mother of the bride.  (Left) Style worn by the fathers and grandfathers. (Right) Style worn by all the Groomsmen.  The groom was presented with a real flower before the ceremony. 


Fall 2005

The corsages....Amber's mom again!! (Left) Style worn by the mothers, complete with an extra flower. (Right) Style worn by the grandmothers.   


Fall 2005

The brides bouquet was made up of eighteen black baccarat roses, courtesy of Flowers, Flowers off North Research Blvd. (Right) The Bridesmaids bouquet made of silk flowers, by the vary talented mother of the bride.

Kneeling Cloth

Fall 2005

A tradition beginning with Justin's Grandparents, this kneeling cloth will make its fifth appearance at the alter, spanning 3 generations and 137 years of marriage. Justin and Amber took to their knees on the cloth during a prayer and 'tying the knot' ritual during the ceremony. 

Wedding Cakes

Fall 2005

The wedding cake was a four tier white cake, with raspberry cream filling, courtesy of the Austin Cake Lady. Roses were placed throughout, and the cake topper sat beautifully atop.

The grooms cake was chocolate with a Texas A&M logo on top. Chocolate 'tuxedo-like' strawberries lined the cake, complete with a bride and groom set at the top!

Reception Sign - In Table Decorations

Fall 2005

Entering the reception, the sign-in table provided guests the chance to sign the guest book, leave marriage advice in a glass bowl using heart-shaped pieces of paper, and see the bridal portrait!

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding paty with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress
 the wedding party

The Best Man

Joseph Claypool • Round Rock, TX

Joseph and Justin


"Joe and I grew up in the same neighborhood all through childhood.  As kids, our only connection was a tackle football game every now and then, but in high school, I found  my best friend.  We had our share of laughs, helped each other through girlfriend high's and lows, and many crazy times I'll never forget.  High school is where you form the foundation that will make you into the man you will become.  With him by my side, I can't say we always made the right choices, but it was a blast and I'll never forget those days.  Today, I look up to him as a great father of two beautiful children, a probably annoying husband (thank you for putting up with him Steph), and most of all a wonderful friend. Cowboy up!"



"What can I say about my favorite sister? I love her and miss her to death and I'm so glad that she can be here for this very special day! I'm so happy to have been blessed with such a fun girl in my life. I still remember the look on her face when we used to chase each other around in the garage through boxes and we would just laugh so hard when I finally would catch her!  I could talk all day about fun memories we've made from reciting Friends episodes to scaring the stuff out of each other...but I just hope she knows how loved and missed she really is.  Thank you so much for your continued support! WHOOP! I love you girl."


Matron of Honor

Kierstin "Sniffles" Richeson • Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


Matthew Davis • Houston, TX



"Matthew and I are about as normal as brothers come.  We spend the majority of our time throwing things at each other, exchanging mean words, and doing our best to give the other a hard time.  Ah, brotherly love.  We've gotten closer throughout the years and get along great.  There's not many people around that understand me like he does, guess it's those Davis good looks, intelligence, and knack for being a pimp.  I must say, we are pretty darn good friends.  I know that when the day is done, we can always count on each other.  Family, stick with them through thick and thin. Good luck at UH man, I know your band-nerd-ness will take you far."  




"Wow, from the first time I officially met Kirstie, we just clicked.  I was going through such a hard time and she was having her 16th birthday.  However, they weren't about to let me be sad for five minutes.  We've had a blast, from high school to college, Schlitterbahn to skiing, parties to boredom, we've done it all!  I love her to death and I'm so glad we've stayed such good friends! GIG'EM!"



 Kirstie "t-sip" Harris • Frisco, Colorado


BJ Lange • Athens, TX



"My freshman year at Texas A&M was full of confusion, freedom, parties, and some difficult engineering math classes.  Luckily, I met one of my best college buds, BJ, in the process.  Together we suffered through those courses, changed majors (Thank God!) and stuck together throughout the remainder of our college careers.  College is about finding yourself, ....who you are gonna be.  Not only did I figure that out, I gained a valuable friendship that will last long after graduation day.  From now on it will be Aggie football games, some competitive Playstation NCAA Football matchups, and just chillin, cold beer in hand. The road goes on forever and the party never ends! WHOOP! Class of 2005!"




"Working at H-E-B has been quite an experience.  I've gained so much in my time there; how to deal with people, the ins and outs of retail (it SUCKS), and best of all, an awesome friend.  Jessica and I have been through so much together at 20.  From business center to bookkeeping, I'll never forget the laughs, the tears, and the b.s. we put up with back there.  It's been REAL!  But she made it fun.  I always looked forward to days that we worked together and I cherish the bond that we made.  I know I can always call her when I need someone to talk to.  She's the best!"


 Jessica Sanchez • Austin, TX


Daniel Wilson • Huntsville, TX



"The earliest memories I have growing up involve Daniel some way or another.  Running around in the backyard playing 'Cowboys and Indians', walking to the nearby K-Mart to buy baseball cards, crossing the fourth mailbox on a throw and catch touchdown pass in street football, or the ultimate: skipping school sophomore year of high school to stand in line six hours to see Star Wars Episode I opening day.  We have always been the best of friends, and we both know that when life ever pushes us down, we'll be there to help each other up.  Then afterwards, we'll hang off the edge of our barstool and pour another round, toasting to the good ol' days and the good times yet to come.  May the Force be with you, always."





"I'll never forget when Steph started working at H-E-B with all the rest of us from good 'ol McNeil High School!  Mainly because I remember how Joseph couldn't stop talking about how pretty she is.  I was so excited when they hooked up because I know how happy it made them both.  Then, when Justin and I hooked up, it brought us closer, as Justin and Joseph are best friends.  We got a chance to know each other better and share lots of laughs!  She's a wonderful mother to her two adorable children and a wonderful friend.  I just love being around her, she can always bring a smile to my face!"


 Stephanie "Tails" Claypool • Round Rock, TX

Junior Groomsmen

Christopher Davis • Austin, TX



"When I come across a picture or two from some years ago, those days only seem like yesterday.  The little brother I once knew, a little rugrat I would carry in my arms from place to place trying to pick up chicks (just kidding) is now a teenager.  Its crazy how fast time flies.  With Christopher, I have always tried to set a good example, be someone he could look up to, and come to when he needed someone.  As time goes by I know he is going to do great things for this world.  And I'll be right there making sure his path is clear, he looks good for the ladies, and ensure he never leaves home without his light saber." 




"I remember the day she was born!  My beautiful little cousin. I was 12 years old and I still remember the first time I saw her.  She was probably a couple of hours old, but already had the cutest dimple I've ever seen in my life!  She's another one that cracks me up, from purring (yes, like a cat) on me at the beach one time to jumping around in a sleeping bag cover (which I've only heard about and not actually seen), she's hilariously cute!  As time passes, I can only pray that we get closer and become very good friends.  It's still hard to believe how old she has gotten as it makes me feel even older, but I know how lucky I am to have her in my family.  I love her so much!"

Junior Bridesmaid

Kayleigh Wright • New Braunfels, TX


Todd Davis • Dallas, TX



"I never had an older brother and always kinda wondered what it might be like.  I would consider Todd as much as an older brother as a cousin.  We have had some awesome times through the years, everything from playing with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, starred and produced a home-made version of Steven Spielberg's Back to the Future, staying up all night long laughing at who knows what at Grandpa's house, watching 'Pee Wee Herman' movie scene where he jumped in the swimming pool, and kick back enjoying a beer together these days.  He's always been there supporting me, and I'll be right there doing the same for him.  Keep rockin' on with the force, my jedi master ally."  




"As the only cousin on my mothers side of the family, I came out pretty lucky.  You always hear stories about cousins who just can't get along.  That wasn't the case for me.  Bryan and I bonded at an early age, and have made some great memories through the years; adventures through the endless creek behind his old house, playing the pc game Mist, leaving our mark in Washington DC and Boston, and making the best of times during family get-togethers.  Good luck buddy as a lifetime band nerd.  And just think, one of these days, we are gonna be the ones planning our family holidays."


 Bryan Teague • Denton, TX


Jeremy Magness • San Marcos, TX



 "I still think of Jeremy as the little five year old boy I met about 13 years ago.  It's amazing to me how much he's grown up over the years, but then again, I'm sure he thinks the same about me.  We've had a lot of laughs and a lot of...well I would say tears, but I don't think that would be WE!  Jeremy always has a way of making people laugh....from chasing opossums in the back yard to skiing down mountains, we have a blast.   Now that I'm learning about football, we have a lot more in common.  However, he does keep my hanny away from me with all the NCAA play station time, that is of course when he's in town.  Good luck in San Marcos, I know you can do it!  Thanks for your support."




"To the two people who have given me more support and love than a girl could ask for and have helped me FINALLY graduate from College, all I can say is Thank you so much and I love you.  I know there are no words to describe how much you truly are appreciated, but I hope to someday show you.  For all the pep talks, hours on the phone keeping the "lonely girl" company, ski trips, Vegas trips, college education, and most of all the love you've given me, I know I'd be lost without you both.  I look forward to all the memories left to be had and I know that we'll always have each other.  Just remember, "it was your song...."

The Brides Parents

Danny & Lori Magness • Austin, TX

The Grooms Parents

John & Charyse Davis • Austin, TX


"A rock, a perfect mold, a heavenly gift.  My folks have been everything to me and two of the best friends I have in this world.  I count my blessings, always remembering their continued support and unconditional love.  I'm glad I was the "ginny-pig" for them, diving into life full speed ahead through each new and challenging obstacle.  I didn't succeed every time, but look who was there to pick me back up.  As Amber and I look forward to starting a new generation of the Davis name, dubbed 'DavisClan Deuce', I hope I can make you proud as I continue to turn new corners in life.  Thank you's and I love you's a million times over.  You are the reason I can Gig'em,...........................dinner's on me next time."

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress
 the couples shower

Click to see the Couples Shower Invitation!

                               July 16th, 2005

 The Couples Shower:

 July 16th, 2005

 6:30pm - Beer:Thirty

 Amber's House in Austin


 The event will have an Hawaiian theme,           complete with festive decorations, food,

and drinks.  Family, friends, and members of

the wedding party are invited to have a great time! 




 Wedding Registry:


Event Recap

Aloha! This 'Couples Shower' event was our supped up version of a Bridal Shower, done because we both wanted to be apart of this special event.  Friends, family, and members of the wedding party were invited to share in our celebration.  It became more of a 'party' atmosphere so everyone could hang out, have some drinks, and a great time! 

The colorful themes of Hawaii painted a wonderful setting for our 'Couples Shower' on a beautiful sunny afternoon in July.  Guests began arriving about 6pm and we took a few photos with everyone before the festivities began.  As people came in, they would all get a lei and nametag, which had their Hawaiian name on it. 

Guests doing some catching up

Amber and others taking a shot

Opening gifts from the shower

Jeremy wins the Lei-Name-Game

 For the length of the party, you were only suppose to refer to people by their Hawaiian name.  (See below for a game created from this idea) And wow, was it tough to pronounce some of the translations! Lots of food and drinks were available, for everyone to enjoy throughout the party.  We made our rounds spending time with all our guests, chatting and playing friendly games of washers.  

When the sun went down, all the gifts were brought outside and everyone gathered around and we had a great time opening the presents.  Justin even got an apron saying "My Honey-Do-List" on it with each day of the week listed, as if to say he's going to be 'Mr. Home Improvement' all week long!


1.  Lei-Name-Game -> Get other people to refer to you by your real name instead of your Hawaiian name.  If this happens, you get to keep their lei.  The person at the end of the night with the most wins, and gets a prize.  The winner was Amber's brother Jeremy!

 Stag Night

                               December 3rd, 2005



The Bachelor Party:

 December 3rd, 2005 - December 4th, 2005

 Beer:Thirty am - Sober:Up pm

The 'Barn House' in Elgin


Every guys favorite event! The party begins with

watching the Big 12 Championship game on ABC

and continues on with non-stop drinking and good



Located in Elgin, TX the 'Barn House' is a vacation

house built by best man Joseph's grandfather. 

Complete with two levels, it is party lovers dream

with a full size pool table, ping pong, out in the

middle of nowhere, and numerous beds and floor

space to pass out on.  


Event Recap

The road goes on forever and the party never ends! The Bachelor Party was an awesome event that I will never forget.  The beer drinking began right away, as the gang watched t.u. beat up on Colorado for the Big XII Title, played some foosball, ping pong, dominoes, video games and even pool.  And food was always an arms reach away.  In between trips to the keg, guys also played horseshoe's out in the grass, and threw around the ol' pigskin.  About this time Travis Claypool presented me with some new additions to add to my attire; various sets of boobs (taken from a pin-the-boobs-on-the-chick game).  Very nice look! I wore them for most of the evening. 

As the sun went down, the fun only continued. Joseph, Jeremy, and I took turns doing keg stands, with the Bachelor taking numerous turns.  Attention then turned to a game called the 'Boat Race'.  Two teams, the Groom and crew vs. the Best Man and crew, stood across from each other. Each had two beers, one in each hand. The first in each line would drinking, and it continued down the line as each person finished a cup. After each cup was finished, it was turned upside down and placed on that persons head. Once it reach the end, the last person would drink both cups and then the drinking line would reverse until it got back to the first person.  And the winner was....The Groom!

Thereafter, we all retired to some poker and more beer. James and I then broke out in a heated argument that turned ugly as they both drew out their Jedi Lightsabers.  The battle ended in a draw, and they returned to partying and having a good time.

Overall, it was a really great time just hanging and partying with all the guys. Thanks to all who came out for the event to send me into marriage with one last bang.  Don't worry, we'll still have lots of opportunities to drink a cold one and kick back.  Thanks for the memories. 


The guys getting some grub.

Playing some dominoes. 


A keg stand for the Best Man


Drinking and some Poker



Justin grows some boobs.


Fun with the Texas Flag.


The Boat Race Drinking Game


The Ultimate Lightsaber Duel


 Hen Night

                               December 21st, 2005



 The Bachelorette Party:

 December 21st, 2005 - December 22nd, 2005

 Tequila:Thirty am - Sober:Up pm

 The Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX


 The ladies letting loose! Traveling to San Antonio with

 close friends and family to see the sights, do some bar

 hopping, and make some fun memories. 


 Known as the top entertainment destination in Texas,

 the Riverwalk is located in downtown San Antonio. 

 Numerous restaurants, bars, hotels, and shopping fills

 the area around the river.  A great tourist spot!


Event Recap

The River Walk was a great spot for a bachelorette party; great idea sis!  All the girls met at my house around 3 pm to head to San Antonio.  We met up with my aunt in New Braunfels and traveled together from there!  With all the girls in the suburban, let the fun begin! Once we reached San Antonio and checked into Hawthorne Suites, we went down to the lobby area for "happy hour" consisting of wine and a few snacks....already getting fuzzy on the details....  Before we left for our night out on the town the girls dressed me up with all the bachelorette party accessories consisting of: a sash???, a shot glass around my neck, a garter and candy necklace for people to pay me a dollar in and then get a piece of candy, a veil, and of course the flashing penis (Oh, and it also had a smiley face on it)!!! 

We started with dinner and drinks at Dicks last resort, how appropriate.  They were real "dicks" in there too! When we all started ordering the drinks, the waiter said " anyone ordering drinks can go ahead and get their ID's out," then after getting to the mom's was like " You're old, I don't need yours." LOL.

Of course the band in there made a scene asking us questions like "should she really be wearing a white dress at the wedding, etc."  This is where all the shot taking began.  My girls from work bought me a shot of patron, Kirstie and I took a shot of tequila and if I remember correctly, so did my sister and I!  Like I said, the details are pretty fuzzy!  At some point in our walking along the river walk there was a tour boat and I was actually mentioned as a part of the river walk: "and to the left is the bride!!!" 

Anyway, with our tummies "full" we headed on to Polyesthers where the fun really started! Of course when we get there, they want ID's too.  This is when the moms are not even bothering to get theirs out after what just happened, but naturally, Polyesthers wants to see them.  My aunt or mom or both: "Well the dicks next door said we didn't need them cuz we're old!" HAHAHA! Shots were coming constantly, patron of course, and we had loads of fun on the dance floor.  My mom and I and Kirstie and I danced in a cage and I was able to get Charyse and Vicky to take a shot with me! WHOOP!  We spent tons of time in the bathroom trying to scrounge up change for a condom and I was doing a little more "painting."  (they had obviously painted in there earlier in the day and all the supplies were still in there!) 

Someday ask me about how I saw mama kissing Santa Claus!  It was the most fun I'd ever had with all my favorite girls!


Amber ready to party!

The HEB crew at dinner.


Always fun drinking with family.


Doing some cage dancing!



Cheers to Amber and Kierstin 


Two t-sips and an Aggie chillin.


Hey Macarena! The ladies grooven.


Bottoms Up! Go Patron!


Amber is pretty drunk.....

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress

 the rehearsal dinner


Click to see a picture of the Rehearsal invitation!



                               January 6th, 2006

 The Rehearsal Dinner:

 January 6, 2006

 5:00pm - 9:00pm

 County Line


 The event will have a 'Satin and Spurs' cowboy / western theme.  Guests are asked to wear jeans with cowboy boots or just plain ol' comfortable attire.  Austin-famous barbeque will be provided to all, in a party room with a beautiful scenic view. 




Opening Scene from the Rehearsal Dinner DVD

Click HERE to see the entire video!

      Event Recap

Guests begin arriving and catching up.

Taking pictures with everyone.

Take your seats! Here comes the bbq.

Mmmmm....great vittles!

So that's where the other rib went..


After running through practice rounds of the ceremony

at the church, it was time for dinner! We all arrived at the County Line a little after 5pm.  We began by greeting all our guests and talking as the County Line staff were getting drink orders.  Once drinks were in hand, the action took everyone outside to the balcony to take photos with the Bride & Groom. (Notice the Mickey & Minnie Mouse hats, thanks Bill & Joe!!) At the same time the sun was beginning to set and the scene painted a wonderful backdrop for pictures with family and friends. 


Thereafter, we all began to take our seats inside, with the wedding party seated together in the middle of the room.  Once the food arrived, the Best Man was asked to say the blessing and he did a fantastic job. The ribs were excellent, along with the other offerings. After finishing our plates, we tried to make our way around the room visiting with everyone.  It was great getting a chance to spend time with all the people that meant the most to us.  Once everyone's food was settled, the


grooms parents got everyone's attention to say a few words and welcome Amber into the DavisClan. They said some wonderful things and we are very excited about both our families becoming one.  After that, Justin stood up to the plate and thanked everyone for attending, "All of the people in this room, in one way or another, have helped shape and mold Amber and I into the people we have become". 

Justin and his dad then setup equipment to play a slide show that Justin created for the event.  The slide show included pictures of everyone in attendance, introduced the wedding party to other family and friends, and showed lots of photos of the ushers, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and parents growing up with Justin and Amber.  After the slideshow, Justin and Amber handed out gifts to the wedding party.  Amber got all the ladies a gift basket from Things Remembered that included lotion, bath beads, a heart trinket box, a candle, and a robe with each persons initials monogrammed on it.  Justin got all the guys a special edition 'Office Space' movie box set that included a red stapler, coffee mug, magnet, pen, and mouse pad. 

The evening winded down with more chatting, laughter, and giggles as we all rekindled memories of the past, spoke of the wonderful event at hand, or the bright future ahead.  This truly was a blessed rehearsal dinner that we will never forget.  We thank Justin's parents so much for hosting such a great party, we love you very much. 

Visiting with guests after dinner.

Mr. Davis's "I Have a Dream" speech

Everyone enjoys the slide show.

The wedding party opens their gifts.

The Bridesmaids all in their robes.

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress
 the wedding

Click to see the Wedding Invitation!

                               January 7th, 2006

Covenant United Methodist Church

 1:00pm CST

 4410 Duval Rd

 Austin, TX 78727

 (512) 346-3124


A beautiful sanctuary featuring only its third wedding ceremony since opening as a new wing to the church. (Right) Standing with Pastor West after the ceremony.


Event Recap

The ceremony began with Jeremy lighting all the alter candles. A memorable moment because the flame went out before he was finished! With a crooked smile to the video camera, he pulled out a backup lighter and finished the job!

Our parents then took turns lighting the unity candle.  Justin's parents took their seats and Amber's folks exited the sanctuary to escort the bride in when it was time. 


Justin and his groomsmen awaited nervously backstage waiting for their moment to enter.  At that moment, though separated, Justin and Amber noticed the song choice being played by the organist. It was "Clair de Lune", the beautiful tune featured in the closing credits of 'their' movie

Jeremy with his trusty lighter.

The Ceremony has begun.

Lightsaber duel involving fire.

A prayer after lighting the candle.

 Oceans Eleven.  Ironic only because song arrangements had not been discussed prior to the wedding. Both took it as a 'sign' that their hearts were in the right place.  Then, before Justin knew it, he was standing at the alter awaiting his bride before a room full of people.  Moments later the doors swung open to "Pachelbel Canon in D Major" and Amber entered the room looking absolutely heavenly in her wedding dress. 

It was all smiles as Danny handed Amber off to Justin and they turned to face the alter.  The ceremony proceeded perfectly including the unity candle lighting to the song "The Prayer" by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, an unplanned prayer between the couple (that was so romantic), a 'tying of the knot' ritual using the pastors scroll, a best man attempting to hand the pastor the ring box instead of just the ring, a beautiful ring exchange, a long French kiss, and the official announcement as Mr. & Mrs. Davis. 

Afterwards the bridal party and family took pictures at the alter.  Exciting and still a little shocked that it was happening, the bride and groom smiled for photos and enjoyed time with those that mattered the most before heading off to the reception. 



All the beautiful ladies.

The guys looking good.

The Magness/Fehlis Family

The Davis/Teague Family.

The rings, hands, and bouquet

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress
 the reception




Off they go!!!

                   January 7th, 2006


  Balcones Country Club 

  2:30pm CST 

  8600 Balcones Club Drive

  Austin, TX 78750

  (512) 258-1621      


  Located in North Austin, the events room of the country club covered two areas, with a large dance floor.  A cash bar was provided and decorations filled both rooms, including white lights and maroon/white table cloth covers.

Opening Scene from the Reception Slide

Click HERE to see the entire video!

      Event Recap

Todd getting things started.

Getting some food!

A shot before the speeches.

Toast to the bride & groom.

Always smiling for a picture!


"Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Justin Davis!", starts the Bride and

Groom's entrance into the reception. A few hugs to family and friends, then it was to the dance floor for the couples first dance.  To Amber's surprise, it wasn't the pre-planned "Good Morning Beautiful" by Steve Holy.  Instead, "Slow Motion" by Billy Dean traced their steps around the dance floor.  The new song was all about the wedding day and fit the moment perfectly.   After the first dance, it was time for food! Just outside the main room a large food table was setup with all kinds of vegetable trays, crackers, and other snack-type foods. 

The bridal party followed and then we all sat down at the head table to eat and mingle.  It was the most amazing site sitting there with our closest friends, looking out to see all of our family and other guests enjoying themselves.  You can't help but feel blessed in a moment like that.  Lots of folks came to see us at the head table to say hello, and for some, meet one of us for the first time!  Thereafter, we were eager to greet other guests, so we left the head table and wondered around catching up with everyone.  Our photographer even followed us around from time to time to get some group photos.  How perfect! 


Then it was time for the toasts! Right before we all went back to the head table, the best man and the matron of honor stopped to take a shot of tequila!! Helped loosen them up to speak, I guess! Justin started things off by introducing the bridal party, including their parents.  The best man, Joseph, then took his turn at the mic, followed by the matron of honor, Kierstin, then Amber's step-dad Danny, and lastly Justin's Uncle Shawn.  Thank you all for your kind words!! 

  Then it was cake time! The wedding cake looked beautiful, especially with the cake topper.  It really brought a personal touch to it all.  After posing for a few photos, we sipped from our glasses while interlocking arms.  Then it was time to feed the other a piece of cake.  Justin had been planning this moment for years, vowing to ensure his bride got a face full.  But as it turned out, he didn't have the heart to do such a thing to such a beautiful bride.  With that said, when it was Amber's turn, Justin had cake all over his face.  Amber was not shy about stuffing her grooms face, and there are plenty of pictures to prove it.  Though she was sweet enough to help clean him up, and then they both fed each other a strawberry from the grooms cake.  No mess was involved for this one, lucky for Justin. 

After that fun, it was time for everyone to get their grove on!  The 'Macarena' song played and got everyone to the dance floor to go through the motions.  How fun it was to look around and see everyone joining in, even Justin's Grandma got a turn! More dance music kept the party alive including the much requested 'Electric Slide'. 

We all took a short break to announce to everyone about a special someone there that deserved a big thank you.  Justin said a few words as Amber gave Julie a gift card to her favorite restaurant.  Julie helped us plan and execute the perfect wedding reception, and we are so very grateful! Then, after some more dancing, including various gentlemen taking the bride around the floor, it was time for the garter and bouquet tosses!  Justin's brother Chris and Amber's cousin Kayleigh ended up the winners, and funny because as 'Junior' members of the bridal party, they walked each other up the aisle. (Foreshadowing??? Guess we'll find out!)

We even got a photo with all the people who worked at HEB Grocery Company with us through the years.  Sure was cool having most of them under the same roof again having fun.  Most of us have moved on to other things, but we'll never forget the fun times we had hanging out together! Then, came a very special moment of the reception....a longtime aggie tradition.....the War Hymn!! All the aggies lined up together as the song started, with Justin and Amber's parents across from them doing the same.  The perfect way to send a reception out in style!

The reception slide show was played on the large TV, just as it was prior to the bride and groom arriving to entertain guests, for the bridal party to see.  It showed clips from Justin and Amber growing up, how they got together, the proposal, and their life together. 

Then it was off they go, out the door as bird seed came flying in from every direction.  Justin & Amber rode away in a white stretch limousine (from the company Longhorn limousine's funny enough....) to their hotel destination downtown. 

The reception was so perfect in so many ways, we can't even describe it.  Thanks to all of you who attended, we truly appreciate all your support.

Stuffing face with the cake

Dancing to the Macarena!!!

Don't pull out a Thong!

The entire HEB crew

Aggies doing the War Hymn

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress
 the honeymoon

                               December 3rd, 2005



 Sandals Whitehouse European Spa and Resort

 January 9th - 15th

 Westmoreland, Jamaica

 click here for more information


 This All-Inclusive, couples only, 50 acre resort,     located on the  south coast of Jamaica, with three European villages-French, Italian, and Dutch creates the perfect atmosphere for any type of vacation.


 Visit seven different gourmet restaurants, each

 designed to take you on a tour of the globe. Enact

 in various water sports along the beach or lounge

 around by the pool. Stay in a gorgeous suite

 overlooking the water.

 The perfect place for our honeymoon!!!!


Event Recap

Jamaica, no problem man! What an awesome experience it was for our honeymoon, we couldn't have asked for anything better!  Our fun began early Monday January 9th as we awoke around 2:30am to arrive in time for our 6:00am flight.  John (Justin's Dad) picked us up and took us to the airport. We had to make a few pit stops as Amber was not feeling well.  (We thought it might ruin the trip but once we settled in our room in Jamaica she was fine again.)

Our first stop wasn't even in Jamaica it was at the Austin airport as we went through security.  Justin had forgotten to take his cell phone out of his pocket and right as he went through the medal detector not only did it beep, the phone rang! It was none other than the best man from the wedding wishing us a safe trip. 

After a bumpy, winedy, hour and a half drive from the Montego Bay airport we finally reached our destination, wow how beautiful it was! We even met some new faces on the bus that turned out to be fellow Aggies! Not only did we get married the same day but we also lived in the same dormitory during a part of our college days.  What a small world! We all got together for dinner a few times during our stay and had a blast!

The rest of the trip was absolutely perfect.  We enjoyed food from all around the globe, drank lots of alcohol (especially rum), went snorkeling, rode aqua trikes on the water, played pool, laid out relaxing on the beach, enjoyed a midnight chocolate buffet, watched a street carnival,......I could go on and on!

Best of all it was a wonderful opportunity spending a week together 'alone' as newlyweds, and falling in love all over again a thousand miles away from our 'real world' in Austin, TX.  We have now resumed our normal lives, but we hope and pray the honeymoon never ends.   


Spending lots of time in a hammock.

Aggies eating dinner. 


A little kiss for the camera.


Double-fisted and chillin.



Lawn Chess anyone?


The always fun bartenders.


A beautiful Jamaican sunset.


The Happy Honeymooners!


ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress