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the wedding party

The Best Man

Name: Joseph Claypool

From: Round Rock, TX


"Joe and I grew up in the same neighborhood all through childhood.  As kids, our only connection was a tackle football game every now and then, but in high school, I found  my best friend.  We had our share of laughs, helped each other through girlfriend high's and lows, and many crazy times I'll never forget.  High school is where you form the foundation that will make you into the man you will become.  With him by my side, I can't say we always we always made the right choices, but it was a blast and I'll never forget those days.  Today, I look up to him as a great father of two beautiful children, a probably annoying husband (thank you for putting up with him Steph), and most of all a wonderful friend. Cowboy up!"


Matron of Honor

Name: Kierstin "Sniffles" Richeson

From: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


"What can I say about my favorite sister? I love her and miss her to death and I'm so glad that she can be here for this very special day! I'm so happy to have been blessed with such a fun girl in my life. I still remember the look on her face when we used to chase each other around in the garage, through boxes and we would just laugh so hard when I finally would catch her!"

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress


Name: Matt Davis

From: Houston, TX


"Matthew and I are about as normal as brothers come.  We spend the majority of our time throwing things at each other, exchanging mean words, and doing our best to give the other a hard time.  Ah, brotherly love.  Otherwise, we are pretty darn good friends.  I know that when the day is done, we can always count on each other.  Family, stick with them through thick and thin."  



Name: Kirstie "t-sip" Harris

From: Frisco, Colorado


"Wow, from the first time I officially met Kirstie, we just clicked.  I was going through such a hard time and she was having her 16th birthday.  However, they weren't about to let me be sad for five minutes.  We've had a blast, from high school to college, schlitterbahn to skiing, parties to boredom, we've done it all!  I love her to death and I'm so glad we've stayed such good friends! GIG'EM!"

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress


Name: BJ Lange

From: College Station, TX


"My freshman year at Texas A&M was full of confusion, freedom, parties, and some difficult engineering math classes.  Luckily, I met one of my best college buds, BJ, in the process.  Together we suffered through those courses, changed majors (Thank God!) and stuck together throughout the remainder of our college careers.  College is about finding yourself, ....who you are gonna be.  Not only did I figure that out, I gained a valuable friendship that will last long after graduation day.  The road goes on forever and the party never ends! WHOOP! Class of 2005!"




Name: Jessica Jasek

From: Austin, Texas


"Working at H-E-B has been quite an experience.  I've gained so much in my time there; how to deal with people, the ins and outs of retail (it SUCKS), and best of all, an awesome friend.  Jessica and I have been through so much together at 20.  From business center to bookkeeping, I'll never forget the laughs, the tears, and the b.s. we put up with back there.  It's been REAL!  But she made it fun.  I always looked forward to days that we worked together and I cherish the bond that we made.  I know I can always call her when I need someone to talk to.  She's the best!"

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress


Name: Daniel Wilson

From: Huntsville, Texas


"The earliest memories I have growing up involve Daniel some way or another.  Running around in the backyard playing 'Cowboys and Indians', walking to the nearby K-Mart to buy baseball cards, crossing the fourth mailbox, on a throw and catch touchdown pass in street football, or the ultimate: skipping school sophomore year of high school to stand in line six hours to see Star Wars Episode I opening day.  We have always been the best of friends, and we both know that when life ever pushes us down, we'll be there to help each other up.  Then afterwards, we'll hang off the edge of our barstool and pour another round, toasting to the good ol' days and the good times yet to come.  May the Force be with you, always."




Name: Stephanie "Tails" Claypool

From: Round Rock, Texas


"I'll never forget when Steph started working at H-E-B with all the rest of us from good 'ol McNeil High School!  Mainly because I remember how Joseph couldn't stop talking about how pretty she is.  I was so excited when they hooked up because I know how happy it made them both.  Then, when Justin and I hooked up, it brought us closer, as Justin and Joseph are best friends.  We got a chance to know each other better and share lots of laughs!  She's a wonderful mother to her two adorable children and a wonderful friend.  I just love being around her, she can always bring a smile to my face!"

ceremony details invitation scanned in reply card w/ invitation? the wedding party with pictures (who's in wedding) the dress

Junior Groomsmen

Name: Chris Davis

From: Austin, Texas


"When I come across a picture or two from some years ago, those days only seem like yesterday.  The little brother I once knew, a little rugrat I would carry in my arms from place to place trying to pick up chicks (just kidding) is now a teenager.  Its crazy how fast time flies.  With Christopher, I have always tried to set a good example, be someone he could look up to, and come to when he needed someone.  As time goes by I know he is going to do great things for this world.  And I'll be right there making sure his path is clear, he looks good for the ladies, and ensure he never leaves home without his light saber.  


Junior Bridesmaid


Name: Kayleigh Wright

From: New Braunfels, Texas


"I remember the day she was born!  My beautiful little cousin. I was 12 years old and I still remember the first time I saw her.  She was probably a couple of hours old, but already had the cutest dimple I've ever seen in my life!  She's another one that cracks me up, from purring (yes, like a cat) on me at the beach one time to jumping around in a sleeping bag cover (which I've only heard about and not actually seen), she's hilariously cute!  As time passes, I can only pray that we get closer and become very good friends.  It's still hard to believe how old she has gotten as it makes me feel even older, but I know how lucky I am to have her in my family.  I love her so much!  "