Getting married is something Iíve only dreamed about since I was five years old. Most girls imagine their wedding day; having every detail planned from the type of flower, to color, to the type of wedding dress they want to wear.  Itís so strange how when the time actually comes to order flowers, pick a color, and find the perfect dress, you canít for the life of you remember all the things you had already wanted.  Itís such an exciting time and I hope I never forget the fun of trying on all the beautiful wedding dresses and trying to pick one with my mom, now mother-in-law, and friends.  I think Iíd have to say that was the funnest part!  Anyway, getting lost in all the details of a wedding is very easy to do and many times itís hard to remember the big picture and what getting married is all about.   

What is a marriage?  Being that Iím new at the concept, I donít guess I am the expert at it yet.  However, this is how I think of it.  I believe that it is the strongest commitment you can ever make to any one person.  I also feel that a wedding band is very symbolic of what a marriage should be; ďmade from a precious metal, in the shape of a circle, which has no beginning and no endÖ.as the love in a marriage should be precious and never ending.Ē   

Now, though I dreamed of my perfect wedding day for years, I never imagined the perfect groom that I would be lucky enough to call my husband.  Justin is someone that any girl could fall in love with because he is so sweet, considerate, romantic, and adorable.  I cannot imagine my life without him in it and I only hope to make him the happiest man in the world.   


The Wedding Day:

The day that I thought would never come, even though I had the countdown going 100 days out, driving everyone I know crazy, finally had arrived.  I woke up next to my sister on the fold out couch at my parentís house.  My mom had already gone out to get Einsteinís bagels for everyone for breakfast to keep our stomachs calm, namely me!  I woke up around 8am, the girls all met me there about thirty minutes later for us to head to our hair appointment that was at nine.  Of course the specialist doing my hair is 45 minutes late, but I had five girls with me keeping me calm.  After that, I remember driving to the church, veil in hair.  After arriving there about 11am or so, we rushed around to get our dresses and make up on.  We all had fun peeking through the blinds from the bridal room into the sanctuary not to miss out on any of the action!  I remember one of the girls saying, ďAlright Amber, itís 12:40pm, only twenty more minutes.Ē  So this is when the nerves decided to kick in.  The next thirty minutes were long and hard.  I stood outside the doors to the sanctuary what seemed like an eternity before the doors finally swung open and I was very nervously was escorted down the isle.  I remember thinking how handsome Justin looked when I finally saw him and how when I got down the isle and Justin finally saw me in the dress, (that we had worked so hard to keep from him for the last 8 months) he mouthed to me ďyou look good.Ē  It made me smile and calmed my nerves; what Justin has always been so good at doing. The ceremony was beautiful, complete with the Unity candle lighting that Iíd always dreamed of having, to the most beautiful and perfect song.  I also remember as we were waiting to go and light the unity candle, Justin said ďI guess I canít kiss you yet, huh?Ē It was SO adorable and made me feel so good!  After lighting the candle he asked me if Iíd say a prayer with him and we put our heads together and prayed.  It was the most amazing feeling Iíve ever felt, and the moment that brought on the tears.  After the tying of the knot ritual and the kiss, which we heard a lot about later onÖ.we were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Justin Davis.  Iíll never forget how awesome that felt, or how I almost forgot to get my bouquet back from my sister!  It was a beautiful day that I will treasure in my heart always because it was the day I had the pleasure of marrying the most amazing man Iíve ever known.  I feel so honored to be Mrs. Justin Davis.  

Special Thanks:

Thank you so much to all who helped in all the preparations for this blessed day.  I know I wonít remember to thank each of you for all that you did for me but I know that each of you gave something to it that made it complete. Thank you for all who attended and gave your love and support, we appreciate it more than youíll ever know.  Mom, youíre an angel and the day would have been completely different without all the beautiful things you did for it.  Iíd be lost without you.  Thank you for giving me a wedding that was everything I could have ever wanted. Youíre the best and I love you so much.