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the proposal

one truth, two hearts, three words. where the words "I love you" stand the test of time, as I get down on one knee and pray, thank you God for this angel before me.  Time stands still and the world just waits, as the fate of a young love hangs on the answer to the question. after a few tears, a ring, a "yes", and a couple smiles, the world changes right before my eyes. I give to you my dear an eternal promise, as we now anticipate showing this love to the world, and God above, wearing black and white. I love you and I will cherish you forever.

                                                                - Justin

You are the love of my life, the man of my dreams, the cowboy of my heart, my best friend, my soul mate, my “hanny,” and the only one for me.  Of all the paths I’d been down in this life, “Mr. Right” was no-where to be found. 

 However, God quickly turned things around.  You were different. Each time I missed you like crazy or we had a disagreement, “Good Morning Beautiful,” or “The One,” promptly came on the radio and made me feel better. I’ll never forget the first time I came to see you in Aggieland and you were giving me the tour of campus.  When we reached Century Tree, I watched, as you explained the tradition, another couple get engaged.  I always thought after that how weird that was, that at the exact moment you were telling me things, it was happening before our eyes.  I’ve always thought of that as a sign.  Then there was the fact that I guessed your middle name; and well, we both know that story.  The long distance relationship wore us down, especially since we hadn’t had the time to build a foundation.  I truly believe that God helped me get into A&M; one reason being so that we could grow closer and know a life together.  For that and so many other reasons, I owe Him my life, my love, and my soul. I am so grateful for the blessing that is you.  Now, not to be a copycat or anything, but I want you to know: “I love you and I will cherish you forever.”

                                                                 - Amber


hesaid, shesaid


Justin said and I quote:



Amber said and I quote:


the planning of the proposal

the idea

For one of the most special days, not only of a couple's relationship but of life as well, I wanted to make this day something unforgettable.  Three key elements were vital for success: the element of surprise, creating memorable gifts, and involving family and friends. 

I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth in September 2004 just dazing off into space like always.  I began thinking about the magical proposal and what I could do to make it a magical experience.  (My first initial thought of proposal began in the Summer of 2004 when I began saving $, but no dates had been set.) Stuck and without any new ideas, I looked into the mirror just before I began to rinse my mouth.  Then, it came it me, but not by some great idea or brilliant thought process, but by the reflection of the bathroom mirror.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see just above the headboard of the bed in our bedroom.  Above the headboard are two posters; the Ocean's Eleven movie and the new Ocean's Twelve movie.  The Ocean's Twelve poster has the theater release date of the movie....December 10, 2004.  I thought, how perfect!

Now that the date was set, all my ideas and elements had to start coming together.  I had a little over two months to complete the task.  Let the fun begin.

Step One asking for permission

El Mercado, Austin, TX

Step Two the web site

Our web site!

Step Three the t-shirts

Step Four the ring

(not actual ring, but same style)

Step Five the cd

album cover for cd

Step Six the surprise party invitation

Step Seven the proposal location