One of Justin's passions is learning new forms of technology and applying them to his life.  In the past he has created a CD for Amber with songs he recorded and wrote for her, complete with album art, and even a DVD for his brother as a high school graduation gift, showing memorable pictures of his life.  The updating of Amber and Justin's web presence fit right in with the memorable event to come.  Justin has created sites in the past for Amber, and felt this new and improved site needed to be the best yet.  (Click here and here to visit the previous sites.) 

Doing a lot of research on the web gave Justin ideas about how much information to include on the site about the wedding and related events, aside from the pages already in place.  After a lot of time and effort, and even consistant updating, has made this site into something that can be a tool and a resource.  Not only can you learn a little bit about Justin and Amber, but you can get all the information needed about the wedding events all in once place.  But most importantly, this is done for Amber, to show the entire world how passionate Justin is about the love they share.