Justin has always tried to embarrass Amber, draw unnecessary attention their direction in public, just to have a little fun.  Using this idea, Justin decided to use the Ocean's Twelve theme of the proposal date to make t-shirts for the both of them to wear.  Two sets of t-shirts were made, one set to wear to the viewing of the movie and one set to wear after the proposal and back to the apartment afterwards for the surprise party. 

The red t-shirt, the one being worn to the movie reads "12-10-04, Twelve is the New Eleven" which is the caption featured at the bottom or the movie poster.  The white t-shirt, the one being worn after the proposal continues the statement from the red t-shirt but expands to show the importance of the event.  It reads "12-10-04, Twelve is the New Eleven.  Mark this my first day of heaven.  Forever has come our way.  And love is here to stay." 

These are gifts that can stand the test of time, but will shrink a little upon washing.  :)