October 7th, 2004 Justin began this Thursday as he did every Thursday.  Alarm goes off at 8am, hit snooze once or twice, fall out of bed, brush teeth, get dressed, grab quick breakfast, and be out the door for a 9:30am Information Systems class on campus.  However, this day was a little different.  Instead of jumping on the bus to get to campus, Justin drove his truck "to campus because he had numerous meetings that day".  Or so that is what Amber thought.  Instead, Justin was heading to Austin, to meet Ambers parents, Danny and Lori for an early lunch.  They met at El Mercado downtown on Lavaca St a little after 11am.  Justin was of course a little nervous as he sat down at the table, greeted warmly by both Danny and Lori.  Small talk began the informal lunch, school, work, and such.  Just after the waitress took the food order, Justin knew it was time.  "The reason I asked ya'll here today is to ask you're permission to ask Amber to marry me."  Danny and Lori were both thrilled and congratulated Justin on the exciting event.  Justin gave the both of them all his ideas for the proposal and invited them to come join in on the celebration on December 10th. 

Then, Justin left Austin to return to College Station only to drive right back! Amber and Justin had plans that night in Austin to prepare for a weekend trip to Padre Island. So, as soon as Justin got back, he picked up Amber from class and the headed back!  What a long day!