The most magical part of the proposal is of course, the engagement ring.  The representation of the special bond between two people joining their lives together.  Justin wanted to show Amber his love with the perfect ring, one with excellent quality and exceptional beauty. 

After lots of research on diamonds and rings, Justin knew the perfect ring for his bride-to-be.  A three stone, princess cut center piece,  white gold engagement ring with matching band.  The symbolism of the the three stones, past, present, and future seemed fitting for their special relationship. 

On a trip to Austin for weekend in late October 2004, Justin and his mom (Your the best mom!) went shopping for what Amber thought were her birthday gifts for a party they were having that night.  Instead, they traveled all over town to various jewelry stores to find that perfect ring.  It stumbled upon them in a Zales Diamond Store in Highland Mall.  The sales lady was very pleased with our selection and happy after hearing the brief story for the proposal. 

The ring was put on order and was picked up a week later by Justin's dad (You da man pops!....[insert "you can't always get what you want" now] song clip....) who worked close by.