One of the most important elements of the proposal is location.  It will be a place that you come to visit or think about from time to time, remembering that special day.  For aggies, the most special place on earth is Texas A&M's own Century Tree.  Located near the middle of campus, next to the Academic Building, this tree has stood the test of time just as true love always does.  This is why no better located could show our bond like this grand Live Oak. 

Now, getting Amber to this location would be quite a challenge, since she knows the history and tradition of the tree.  Using a few friends, Justin thought he would 'trick' Amber into visiting the tree. 

After the Ocean's Twelve movie let out, Justin thought he would drive the both of them to campus.  They would then walk over to Century Tree.  Upon arrival, they would find family and friends standing aside the tree on the sidewalk.  Each person standing on the sidewalk would be standing across from another as to make an arc for Amber to walk through.  The arc of course was made with none other than plastic toy Star Wars lightsabers. (The idea for the arc stems from a tradition done by members of the Corp of Cadets who propose to their signifcant others.  Corp members stand across from each other on the sidewalk in front of the tree and form an arc with their swords.) Anyway....Amber would walk beneath the arc and meet Justin under the tree where he would pop the question. 

This would in turn leave

After the official engagement, they would take pictures with the family and friends there at the tree and then head to a local restaurant to meet other family members that drove into town for the event.  There they could spend time with the ones closest to them and share their good news.