Well since EVERYONE knew all the juicy details of the day, I won't explain EVERY step that happened on Friday!  I'll just start at the point when we arrived on campus.  This is what I know:  Justin has framed something special for me for the special occasion of the movie coming out and it's in Bj's dorm room so that I don't see it. 


 Therefore, after the movie, there is an "after party" in his dorm room to get this "frame."  There is nowhere close to his room that we can park for any length of time, so we park in Justin's lot on campus, Kyle Field.  Now we get to hike over to "the south side" to Bj's room and Justin wants to put this blindfold on



Now, mind you, I'm SO sick to my stomach from this movie we just saw and a little motion sick, therefore not really in the mood to put on a blindfold and walk ALL the way across campus.  After a struggle, I give up because we are freezing to death.  Next thing I know, Justin's on the phone with Bj and is told that he's NOT in his dorm room, he's in Blocker helping his roommate, Brandon, do something.  He has the "frame" with him so we are to meet him at Blocker, which by the way, is even FURTHER from us than Bj's room. 


I am begging to take the stupid blindfold off because I look ridiculous and people are staring....I know this because I'm smart!  Anyway, Justin's really mad at Bj now and I am not understanding all the anger so I'm trying to calm him down and not run into anyone or anything, as Justin's not doing such a great job leading me around. 


The whole time I'm SO thirsty and really need a gallon of water to drink because we had so much popcorn at the movie, but we can't stop anywhere at a water fountain. ( little did I know this is because we had people waiting on us forever).  When we get to "blocker," and I'm not stupid so I know there's NO way we can possibly be at Blocker already, Justin takes the blindfold off of me and all these people are staring at me while holding up light sabers....oh yeah, and we are at Century Tree. 


 I don't have any idea what to think, say, or do, so I just say "THIS IS NOT BLOCKER, LIAR."  People kind of laugh a little, those who aren't crying anyway.  So I'm just standing there not knowing what to do when I hear Justin say, "Come here." So I walk under the light sabers to him and he said a hallmark card to me, ending of course with "Will you marry me?" and a Beautiful ring. 


I can't tell you what he said exactly, I wish I could, but we have it on video......My head was just swimming in shock, and still is.  Every time I look down and see the ring on my finger, I just can't believe it's true, that he picked me.  I love him so much.  I'm a very lucky girl.