The anticipation for one of the most special and romantic moments in one's lifetime, could not have turned out more wonderful.  All the planning, preparation, constant thinking about 'what else to do', and coordinating for such a memorable event,  was all worth it. 

I remember just sitting there in our apartment while Amber was in class just getting lost in thought about how to make my proposal to Amber, a magical moment she would always remember. 

It was so hard keeping secrets about this away from her for so long!  The only time I had to contact those individuals coming for the proposal, develop and design this website, create the t-shirts, and all the other little tid-bits was when Amber wasn't around.  I remember getting mad sometimes when Amber would get out of class or work early, because it took away from my time to work on things!

But then it all boiled down to the big day.  The night before we spent a romantic evening together watching Ocean's Eleven surrounded by twelve red candles.  I was very nervous knowing how close all my dreams were to becoming a reality. 

Friday morning I got up and left the apartment to go take my first final exam of the fall semester, Information Systems 209.  Even with my mind more focused on the proposal than my test, I still managed to do very well and pull a 'B' in the class, WHOOP!  After the exam, I walked outside of the building and called "partner-in-crime" BJ and my mom to get the status of everyone's arrival to the Bryan/College Station area. 

Everything was happening according to plan; Amber picked me up at 1:30pm to attend a 2:00pm showing of the Ocean's Twelve movie, in which we arrived early.  Family and friends were to arrive at the Texas A&M campus around 3:30pm and prepare for us to arrive between 4:15pm and 4:30pm. 

During the movie all I can remember is my mind wondering off from time to time thinking 'this is it, this is really it, I can't believe its here.'  Toward the end of the movie, I looked down at my watch to see what time it was and I could not believe my eyes!  The butterflies in my stomach multiplied again as I noticed it was almost 4:25pm. 

When the movie was over I felt very rushed and antsy to get to campus, knowing that so many people were waiting for our arrival.  Yet, I stayed very calm and collected to ensure that she would not notice my jitters.  When we made it out to the car, Amber began to feel very dizzy and sick due to the crazy motions the camera shots made during the film.  We left the movie theater parking lot and Amber instructed me to stop at the nearest gas station so that she could visit the little girls room.  As soon as she was out of sight, I got on my cell phone and called BJ to let him know that we were running late and would be there very shortly. 

When Amber returned to the car and we began to make our way over to campus, its like everything hit me at once and I felt all the pressure of the situation of the moment on my shoulders. 

Once we arrived to campus and got out of the car I just said a little prayer and knew that God would guide me through the rest of this special moment, a moment that would lead me to my destiny, my legacy, my 'hanny', the most beautiful girl in the world. 

The rest of my life began with these words......

"Amber Nicole Abernathy, I love you with all my heart.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?"