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Good Evening Beautiful

Soon after Justin and Amber began dating in 2002, Justin decided to go visit Amber while she was at work at HEB.  While he was there he managed to stop by Amber's car and leave a little message on the driver's side window.  It was of course, representative of the Steve Holy song "Good Morning Beautiful" but changed to evening because the sun had already gone down. 


Valentines 2002

For Justin and Amber's first Valentines, it was a little difficult to make it a very special day.  Justin was living out in College Station, TX attending his freshman year at Texas A&M, which kept them from seeing each other.  However, Justin's wonderful parents helped him out to ensure Amber was surprised with a special Valentines Day.  Justin's parents took Amber some gorgeous balloons attached to a basket full of goodies. 


Justin's next trip to Austin was soon after Valentines was made into a special romantic occasion.  Justin took Amber out to Mount Bonnell, overlooking the lake.  They set up camp at a picnic table atop the mountain with lots of gifts and a prepared lunch.  After they enjoyed lunch, they enjoyed some heart-shaped brownies Amber made and Justin gave her some Valentines presents.  Amber received a special Valentines CD with seven (Justin's lucky number) romantic love songs that reminded Justin of Amber and she also got a cute stuffed frog. 


Just as they were about to pack up and leave, their task was suddenly stopped because they had an unexpected visitor......a bumble bee.  Justin is not the fondest of these little creatures and stepped out of the spotlight to let Amber deal with the situation.  Unable to remove the bee from the area, they ended up capturing it under one of the glasses they brought.  Unfortunately, the glass was never recovered.

(Please allow a moment of silence.........)


Amber also gave Justin a stuffed heart-shaped pillow with pictures all over it of them.  The date and time they began dating was printed in the center of the heart to always remind him.  Justin can be very forgetful at times.   


Six Month Anniversary - July 4th 2002

For Justin and Amber's six month anniversary, they decided to take a trip to San Antonio, Texas to get away from it all for a few days and to see the sights.  Along with experiencing the history of the Alamo, and other attractions deep in the heart of Texas, they also found time for themselves and their first big anniversary. 


Early morning July 4th at 1:08am they began their celebration.  They both exchanged gifts they had made for each other and just talked and laughed about all the memories they had made thus far.  Justin wrote Amber a song on his guitar entitled "A Day Like Today" and attempted to sing it to her using his out of tune voice and beginner guitar skills.  He also presented her with a huge frog and a book with their picture on it that contained all of "their songs" with lyrics and explanations of why those songs meant so much included, in writing. 


Amber gave Justin a small Build-a-Bear, created in the mall, named Faith (after Faith Hill).  It came with all the appropriate apparel, black cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, an aggie bandanna, a guitar along with a guitar case.  It was so cute!!


One-year Anniversary - January 4th, 2003

It just-so happened that on the day of Justin and Amber's one year anniversary, Amber's family was taking a trip to Angelfire, New Mexico for a skiing vacation.  Justin was invited to go along for the fun and the entire group had a great time. 


On the morning of Justin and Amber's anniversary, they got up extra early to give each other presents and celebrate because they were off to hit the ski slopes after that!  They both hid their presents in one of the spare bedrooms of the condo they were in and entered the room half asleep and excited.


Justin gave Amber a cartoon book that he both illustrated and wrote based on the Star Wars movies.  Justin continued the trilogy with an Episode VII and created a new story that placed himself as a Jedi saving his princess Amber, from the evil Darth Vader.  Additional characters making appearances were Amber's friend Kirstie as "T-sip", Amber's sister Kierstin as "Sniffles", Yoda, a "Mini-me Darth Vader" and R2D2 and C3PO. 


 Amber gave Justin a large blanket that she had sewn and put together with the help of her mom.  All over the blanket were small memories of things they had done during their first year together.  Each square of the blanket was carefully crafted and put together the perfect memory, something that would last a lifetime.  



Valentines 2003

To make this Valentines Day special, Justin decided to create Amber a CD, but not your typical music disc.  Justin had became interested in songwriting and decided to write some songs for Amber.  Once the songs were written, Justin and his brother Matthew recorded each one to a CD using a professional standard microphone and other equipment that Justin had purchased.               


Below are the track listings for the disc which was entitled "February Rose". 

February Rose

Songs written by: Justin Davis

Performed by: Justin and Matthew Davis


1.  On a Day Like Today

2.  Our Season for Romance

3.  I Wanna Fill My Days with You

4.  Baby Let Me Sing to You

5.  I Love My Life

6.  Burned in My Memory

7.  The Big Picture

8.  It Was a Place

9.  You are Beautiful

10.  Time Capsule of Love

11.  The Perfect Love


Justin's 21st Birthday

For Justin's 21st Birthday Amber got him a very beautiful and expensive Texas A&M lamp, made of glass.  It is a gift Justin will treasure forever, as it will always sit in their living room to for all their guests to see. 


Just for laughs!

During a trip to Fiesta Texas in 2003 with Justin's family, Justin and Amber stopped by a cartoonist there who drew their picture.  Cute!


Two Year Anniversary - January 4, 2004

For Justin and Amber's two year anniversary, they tried yet again to come up with creative gift ideas to express the love in their hearts, and succeeded! 


Justin gave Amber a poster board size collage he drew of things they had done during their second year together as a couple.

(Top Left) Shivers is a snow cone place in College Station that sells tasty and interesting treats (ever tried a wedding cake flavored snow cone? they have one here!).  Friends represents the hit NBC tv show that they spent countless hours watching on DVD.  The tall gray round ball on the right represents Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas where we spent a week during the 2003 summer break.  The Santa Claus pose captures our photo with the jolly man at the Zilker Park Tree of Lights event in Austin during Christmas.  The drawing of the plane is for our trip to San Diego to see Amber's sister and brother-in-law in August of 2003.  The 'February Rose' CD Justin made for Amber is included on the right along with the words 'Chipper', Ambers nickname.  Country music star Kenny Chesney is shown bottom left because we attended his concert in Austin in 2003, and the 'Vice City' action shot is from the Playstation video game Grand Theft Auto which we enjoy playing. 


Amber presented Justin with a collage as well, instead with various pictures during their two year's together.  Everything from being the best man and brides maid at a friend's wedding to a trip to Port Aransas, Texas playing in the waves.  The boarder of the frame is decorated with various cloths that represent different events of their relationship as well. 


The day of their two-year anniversary however was not spent in romantic activities because Amber's sister was in town before preparing to relocate to California for military reasons with her husband Joseph.  Justin instead tried to surprise Amber by turning a routine visit to his house to see him into a candlelight dinner, complete with a heart-shaped brownie for desert, wine, a single rose, and words to a song Justin wrote for the occasion "The Right Kind of Romance".   As it turned out, Amber was a little late arriving and wasn't feeling that well.  So the plans were changed a little bit, but they did get to spend some quality time together.  


Apartment Move-in 2004

Just before moving into their first apartment together before the second-summer session of classes started at Texas A&M, Justin presented Amber with a 'housewarming' gift to be displayed as the centerpiece of the living room.  It is a poster of a long deserted stretch of blacktop in the desert, as a red-sky storm sends down a large bold of lightning. 


The caption Justin wrote for the picture reads:

"love - the bond between you and me that makes us a team.  greatful for the Lord's sweet gift.  caring for each other as friends and lovers.  dealing with our imperfections.  always believing in each other through thick and thin.  standing strong on a rock of trust.  taking this life one day at a time.  facing the challenges and beautiful days of this world together.  hand in hand.  forever."


Christmas 2004 Engagement Present

For their Christmas celebration, Justin gave Amber a painting of Century Tree, done by Benjamin Knox of College Station.  Justin's mother created a section around the outer part of the painting to allow everyone who attended the memorable event to write a little something. 


Engagement Dinner Appreciation

(January 2005)

As a 'thank you' token to Justin, Amber surprised him when he arrived to their apartment after work with candles lit all over the living and dinning area.  A meal was prepared for they to enjoy (boy was it good!) and Amber also gave him a poem she wrote about how wonderful he is. 


Perfect Proposal Contest

In July 2005, Justin submitted a story of the proposal to a contest in the Austin American Statesman.  The winner of the contest was named 'Best Proposal in Austin' and also got prizes that ranged from trips to the Caribbean to restaurant gift certificates.  As it turned out, Justin's submission did not make the cut, but there was lots of good competition.  Below is the entry, which was limited to only 150 words.


"On the tradition rich campus of Texas A&M University, family and friends gathered along the sidewalk beneath the famous Century Tree. With a blindfold and the guiding touch of my hand, I led her across campus to our destination. Awaiting our arrival smiling faces stood silent, holding Star Wars lightsabers, creating an archway to the proposal spot. 
We reached the grand entrance of the tree when I got into position and she removed her blindfold.  Through the archway came the most beautiful girl.  Anxious to deliver my long awaited surprise, I thanked God for this special moment.  Down on one knee, her hands in mine.  Time stood still.  My life changed forever when I put that ring on her finger.   
 It was December 10, 2004.she said yes.
That same day, I presented her with an everlasting gift, a website commemorating us.  (  We would love for you to visit

Proposal Contest Newspaper clipping from Austin American Statesman





Amber's 24th Birthday

(November 2005)

For Amber's 24th Birthday, Justin wanted to have a surprise awaiting Amber when she got home from work that day.  So, Justin skipped his lunch break at work and drove to their apartment to setup something special for her.  On the coffee table in the living room, Justin displayed some beautiful festive flowers along with a love poem he'd written, a music cd, and a coupon for a new watch.  Then, surrounding it all were tons of different colored papers listing lots of reasons why Justin loved Amber.  When Amber arrived home later that day, boy was she surprised! Happy Birthday Amber!!


The Wedding Night

(January 2006)

For our wedding night, we stayed at the in a Double Tree Hotel Suite in downtown Austin. Without speaking about it first, the bride and groom both had gifts for each other on this special day.  After changing out of dress/tuxedo, they sat together on the couch for their gift exchange.  Justin went first and presented his bride with: a stained glass blue purity cross to place on their mantel at home, a 'greatest hits' cd of all their songs thus in their relationship, and an 'official' contract that had to be signed by both parties.  The contract layed out specific terms of their life together including always being there for each other, being patient when the other makes a mistake, and promising to help with the dishes.  Amber gave Justin a framed bridal portrait picture (which he hadn't seen to this point!) of her showing of her cowboy boots, and a little story book of married couples giving advice.

The perfect night ending a perfect day!









                        Look at all the gifts!


Amber with the Stained Glass Cross.



                     Amber signs her life away!

                            (Justin did too)


Justin with the book and a photo

of the bride.


Amber's Easter Prayer

(April 2006)

Before Amber and I left our apartment to visit Wimberly for our yearly Easter activities, I awoke to a surprise awaiting me on the kitchen table.  My Easter basket was full of goodies and waiting for me to dive into.  Filled with candy, an Easter version of 'Jacks', and a bunch of small plastic eggs in the shape of bunnies.  Each was numbered 1-12 and I had to open them in order.  One by one, each egg revealed cut out egg shaped pieces of paper, colored beautifully on one side.  The other side contained singles lines of a prayer, and once I opened the 12th egg the prayer was complete. 

It was very special to me because before each meal, since we've been married,  we pray together.  To this day she hasn't offered to say the prayer.  I consider this her first and am very thankful that she also takes our worship seriously.

Happy Easter!