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October 1st, 2006

The move has come and gone.  The new place is great.  Thought it is only a one bedroom apartment, it should be just enough room for us as we continue to save money for a future home.  Plus, it has an ice maker! Yah!

July 31st, 2006

Signed a new apartment lease!  Beginning October 1st, we'll be living in The Cunningham apartments near Shoreline Christian Center. 

Check back later and we'll let you know how the move goes! 

May 1st, 2006

Amber started a new job! Congrats on beginning your new career.  She is working for the Texas Department of State Health Services in Austin.  Her focus will be budgeting for client service contracts for the Tuberculosis program in the Prevention & Preparedness Division.

February 26th, 2006

New website design! All the wedding pictures have finally put together and organized, WHOOP! Not only does the site now offer links to view all the photos and videos from the event here, but the home page has added a new picture! Created from ceremony and honeymoon photos, it displays the 'new us' as more than just a couple......friends, soul mates, partners, and happily married as we start this new chapter of our lives.  Compare the old home page design and the new one below!


February 22nd, 2006

See the Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Reception Slide Show's on Google Video.  Click here and here

February 7th, 2006

The Austin Cake Lady, who prepared our wedding cake for the reception has included our cake on her web site! Click here to check it out! (On the left side of the browser, you will see a cake labeled 'Amber Balcones'.  Choose that option and read all about the cake!

January 9th - 15th 2006

The honeymoon! Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa of Westmoreland, Jamaica was our haven for six days.  The resort was absolutely beautiful and the perfect place for a romantic getaway.  Visit the wedding page for all the honeymoon details! See pics here!!

January 7th 2006

The wedding is finally here!  We are so blessed to have the day unfold so perfectly and to have so many friends and family show their love and support as we begin the next chapter of our lives together.  Click here to get all the details!

January 4th 2006

Four year dating anniversary, Congrats! Spent the evening at Justin's parents house with family (in town for the upcoming wedding) watching the college football national championship game.  Way to go Texas on a big win over USC....and yes us Aggies rooted for you.  Aggies have got a lot of class.  Just check this out.........


December 21st, 2005

Amber's Bachelorette Party! Check out photos from the eventful hen night here and read about it here

December 17th 2005

Amber buys a new car! (And Justin was informed later he too will be helping make the car payment....) See photos below of first, the interesting rental car we got for the weekend after we traded in Amber's old 1991 Corolla.  A few days later, we picked up her new 2006 turquoise Corolla.  How exciting!


December 3rd 2005

Justin's Bachelor Party! Check out photos from the eventful stag night here and read about it here

November 16th 2005

Happy 23rd Birthday Justin!

November 1st 2005

Happy 24th Birthday Amber!

August 22, 2005

This site was featured as a winner on Way Cool Weddings for the month of August.  WHOOP!   Below are two captured images of our site from their site, take a look!

August 12, 2005

Amber graduates from Texas A&M University! WHOOP! Click here and here to see photos.     

May 14, 2005

Justin graduates from Texas A&M University! WHOOP! Click here and here to see photos.     

May 6, 2005

The date for the couples shower is set for July 16th at Amber's home in Austin.   

April 14, 2005

Amber gets Aggie Ring!  Click here and here to see photos. 

February 1st, 2004

Amber orders her Aggie Ring!  Click here to see a picture of an aggie ring at the top of the page.  Delivery Day will be April 14th WHOOP


January 4th, 2005

Three year dating anniversary, Congrats! Spent a romantic evening at Chewy's Mexican resturaunt, followed by cuddling up to watch USC beat the hell outta Oklahoma in the BSC Orange Bowl College Football title game.    

December 10th, 2004

Congrats Justin and Amber on your engagement!  Click here to get all the proposal details. 

November 16th 2004

Happy 22nd Birthday Justin!


November 4th 2004

Justin gets his Aggie Ring! Whoop!


November 1st 2004

Happy 23rd Birthday Amber!


October 2004

Amber and Justin go with Justin's family to North Padre Island for a family reunion and a short vacation to chill on the beach. 


August 31st, 2004

School at A&M starts back up.  It is both Amber and Justin's Senior year.  WHOOP!

August 2004

Justin orders his Aggie Ring!  Click here to see a picture of an aggie ring at the top of the page.  Delivery Day will be November 4th! WHOOP


August 2004

Justin and Amber go with Amber's family to Port Aransas for some fun in the sun. 

May 2004

Amber and Justin visit Justin's Uncle Bill and Joe in Orlando, Florida to experience Walt Disney World (during Star Wars Weekends!) and Universal Studios! 


March 29th 2004

Amber declares a major! Looking ahead to a future career, she finally made a choice about the field of study she wishes to focus on.  Economics with a minor degree in business!! She also wants to get a teaching certificate and a business/economics certificate.  Wish her luck!!


March 6th 2004

Signed a lease for an apartment for the Fall 2004 semester.  WHOOP!  We will be staying at Campus View Apartments on Harvey Road.  2 bedroom, 1 & 1/3 bath, 960 sq. feet.  Not too bad! Come visit us, we move in late June. 


February 28th 2004

Attended Justin's Grandpa's wedding to the sweet and beautiful Maurene in Arlington, Texas.  They will be living together in the Texas Masonic Retirement Home together.  WHOOP! The extra bonus good news was that we got 'passed down' a lot of furniture for our apartment next year!


January 19th 2004

School, school, school!!  Me and Amber moved back to Aggieland for the start of the spring semester on January 20th at Texas A&M.  Amber is taking a full load this semester with 16 hours and I plan on taking 15 hours. 


Please contact us and let us know how you are doing! Here are our mailing address's in College Station. 


Justin:  Commons Lobby C309           

           College Station, TX 77840


Amber:  Commons Lobby B320

             College Station, TX 77840          


January 4th 2004

Our two year anniversary!!  We spent most of day at Ambers house enjoying the presence of her sister Kierstin who was heading back home to California the next day.  About a week later, I wanted to surprise Amber with a 'back to the future' type of night where we celebrate a romantic evening as if it was the date of our anniversary.  I had a meal prepared, candles lit, a huge 'Happy 2nd Anniversary' sign made, some of our songs playing on a CD player, and a heart shaped brownie for desert.  Amber was at work for most of the day so I had lots of time to prepare.  However, she got off of work early because she didn't feel well.  I called her to have her come over but she still wasn't feeling so great.  I didn't tell her about the surprise and by the time she came over it was pretty late.  We laughed about it and ended up watching a movie.