Howdy!  My name is Justin Davis.  I was born November 16, 1982 in Seaton Hospital located   in the music capital of the world, Austin, Texas.  I grew up in North Austin in a small residential neighborhood with me and my two little brothers, Matthew and Christopher.  I was fortunate enough to wonderful parents that kept us in the same loving, safe home all throughout our childhood.  I made numerous friends throughout the neighborhood who grew up with me all throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school.  I graduated from John B. Connally High School in May of 2001.  High school taught me meaningful lessons and showed me who my true friends were, and I am lucky enough to say they are still around today. 

There are many loves in my life but I am proud to say that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is who I put my faith in.  He and His Father have created all these cool things we get to experience and I thank both of Them for giving me a chance to cruise down this highway called life. 


There are so many opportunities in this world that give us our own shot at finding a place in the sun. We are all here for a purpose and to not only find our way, but help others see the light as well. 


I am so thankful for this great nation and the amount of pride we all take in being Americans. 


If you haven't figured it out already, I am a huge fan of Star Wars and the brilliance created by George Lucas.  Unfortunately, not everyone will agree with me that it is the movie that gives us all a perfect example of what life is all about and how the paths we choose and the decisions we make will forever make our destiny. 


Being for the Lone Star State, I am a huge country music fan.  My favorite singer is Tim McGraw.  My favorite song is "Please Remember Me" which he also sings. (Though, his wife is defiantly a blonde haired beauty, she's not my favorite.)  I began listening to his music in 1997 during my freshman year of high school.  His albums and music have been such a big part of my life because each record he releases has a mood and songs related to what I am going through personally.  It sounds crazy but it is true. 


Being on the topic, making music is also a big love in my life.  Now, granted, I am not the best of singers, but songwriting is something that comes very naturally to me.  I can write about the different experiences in my life and the lives of others and express that in a way where anyone can understand.  Music has a power and a great influence over this land and can have effects our on everyday lives.  Our moods can change from one minute to another or songs can help us get through a hard day.  The sound of music is simple bliss. 


Other interests of mine are drawing pictures using pastels, taking pictures, making websites (like this one!), playing or watching sports, hanging out with my friends, and just doing my best at whatever I do. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit OUR website.