Hi, my name is Amber Abernathy.  I was born in Oahu, Hawaii on November 1, 1981.  My dad was in the Air Force for only a short time after I was born.  When I was two and a half, my family moved to Texas, where my momís family is from.  By that time, I had a new baby sister, Kierstin.  We lived in Waco, Texas for a while and my dad went to school.  After about two years, we moved to Austin, Texas and I began school at Pillow Elementary.  My dad loved to move us around so after a year of that, we found ourselves in south Austin, and I attended Widen Elementary for grades one through five, and sixth grade followed at Mendez Middle School.  Unfortunately, my parents got a divorce when I was in the fourth grade, but luckily my mom found someone else and we were then able to have more of a family type environment.  She remarried when I was twelve, which moved us back to North Austin where I started seventh grade at Deerpark Middle School.  I finished up middle school and started all over again in high school.  I graduated in May of 2000 from McNeil High School.  

I am so thankful for my mom.  I couldnít ask for a better person to help guide me and teach me things.  I have to say she is one of my best friends and I couldnít live without her.  Iím so glad that I was blessed with her as my mother; God was really looking out for me.  Sheís helped me more than sheíll ever know and I hope someday I can show her how much she means to me and how much I really appreciate her!  

Everyday I thank God for all the wonderful blessings in my life.  Each day I realize how important family really is, that blood really is thicker than water, that true friends are hard to find, and so is true love.  Never forget, or take for granted all the wonderful things He has done for you or how much He loves you.  These are the most important things Iíve learned in my life. 

I love to dance, sing, get creative, hang out with friends, and laugh like itís going out of style.