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the following is all about love, how we see it, and how we carry it out in our everyday lives



imagine if you will........


you have your love by the touch of their hand.  together you take your seat in a movie theater.  around you are others going on about their business.  all the people are talking amongst themselves and disrupting you.  the lights are out.  the room is dark.  there is no four star ebert and roeper flick about to take two.  when the reel starts rolling the only thing seen as it projects onto the screen are eight letters, three words, and one meaning. 


this is what is going on 365:24:7 in a relationship.  the movie theater is this life we are in.  from where you and your love sit, is your view upon the world.  the only thing that matters in a loving relationship is love.  it is the almighty and a necessity for a relationship, given to us by the one and only GOD.  and the words "i love you" are all that can be seen on the screen.  love will help you take on anything that you will encounter in your relationship.  that is the movie you are there to see and that is the goal you must stay focused on at all times.  the other people around you in the theater are just distractions.  they are people and their lives do matter, but not when it comes to the relationship you have with the person you love.  as the people are talking amongst themselves, they are getting in the way as you try to stay glued to the screen.  in this life, that is something that happens all the time.  people always try to get involved with your relationship and tell you what is right and wrong, what to do, and where to go.  i am here to tell you that no one has the answers for your relationship but you and the person you are with. 


the big picture.  a birds eye view.  staring at that screen with those words on it is as big as the picture is ever gonna get.  it becomes no more simpler than that.  the bottom line for any type of relationship is to give and receive love.  the rest are just details.  all the daily activities that change our moods, cause fights, and cause people to disagree can be seen as insignificant with the big picture in mind.  anything and everything can be worked out as long as love is used to approach the situation.  but only a true love can hold the maturity needed to do such a thing, day in and day out. 


so what is love? i don't think anyone will truly know or experience unconditional love until stepping through the gates of HEAVEN.  but what is it suppose to be and how can we do it the best we can?  teamwork is the answer.  teamwork, just like basketball players lace up before a game, is the best way to do it.  as a team, you treat each other as equals, are fair, and communicate to both of you win in every situation. 


in life we sometimes get caught up in the details.  but when you step back and look at your life, what is your big picture?